Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ngrep is still useful

I just had to blog on how much I love ngrep. Despite all the advances in security, we are still left with a huge problem called data leakage. If you work in any type of operational security role, its one of your worst nightmares. I have used ngrep for a couple of years, as I'm sure most of you have too. I had a (legal) need for ngrep again over the past week while trying to assess the state of security in a specific network I protect and monitor and I thought I would post some of my more use-able ngrep queries for you. I am not a regular expression guru like some people I know, sorry.

Looking for social security numbers:
$ngrep -q -d eth0 -w '[0-9]{3}\-[0-9]{2}\-[0-9]{4}'

Almost the same as above but searching for credit card number patterns (this one can lead some false positives if searching through http conversations):
$ngrep -q -d eth0 '[0-9]{4}\-[0-9]{4}\-[0-9]{4}\-[0-9]{4}'

Looking for 'password=':
$ngrep -q -d eth0 -i 'password='

Some storm worm executable names (this could be expanded easily):
ngrep -q -d eth0 -i '(ecard|postcard|youtube|FullClip|MoreHere|FullVideo|greeting|ClickHere|NFLSeasonTracker).exe' 'port 80'

Detect an HTTP connection to a server by IP address not FQDN (this is how bleedingthreats new storm worm download rules look):
ngrep -q -d eth0 -i 'Host\: [0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}' 'port 80'

Look for basic http login:
ngrep -q -d eth0 -i 'Authorization: Basic' 'port 80'

These are just smaller examples of what expensive 'data leak prevention' boxes do. Hopefully they perform the regular expression look ups on reassembled packet flows, not individual packets. Otherwise its a waste of time as the data can be chunked up between different packets. Data leakage continues to be an issue to this day. And unfortunately I don't see it going away anytime soon. And thats mostly because its a human problem, and user education is a loosing battle : \

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